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Patient Safety Advocate Training

Intense Patient Safety Advocacy Training
Monday Evenings
May 5, 12 & 19

6:00 - 10:00 PM
Cost $125.00
Register with 3 people, save $25.00 each
This program is offered by
an award winning, independent, community based,
nationally recognized patient safety organization

A patient who is injured, sick, in need of surgery, a medical procedure or just has an ailing body may not be in a position to be active in their care and they may need to focus all their energy on getting well. For this reason an advocate or “helper” is crucial to the patient's care. But what exactly does an advocate do? Who would make a good advocate?

The person who loves the patient most may not be the best advocate. His or her emotions may get in the way of good communication and clear decision making. Through our educational seminars and programs you will learn about preparing for the emergency room and helping a patient to prepare for surgery. You will learn about policies and standards used in the hospital to keep patients safe and how you can help to ensure these standards are met. You will also learn that the most important tool may be a pen and notebook to write down information and keep accurate records for the patient.  Your training will be to learn to advocate for the whole family!

Other important topics addressed will be:
  • Communication skills
  • Patient safety policies
  • Reducing patient re-admissions
  • Help reduce the possibility of injury while hospitalized and much, much more
Participants who take this training will have on-going access to the instructors to assist in decision making and support for at least one year.  Anyone who takes this training may also register for future trainings for up to two years as a refresher at a reduced fee, if space allows.

Registration required, no walk-ins

Once you train with us, you have a permanent support system.

Program will be held at:
The South Nassau Unitarian Universalist Congregation
228 South Ocean Ave
Freeport LI NY, 11520

Bring your resume to the last class!


Register here: Registration

There may be a 50% cancellation fee after April 20, 2014