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Are you frustrated because you are expected to advocate for yourself following an upsetting medical diagnosis? If you have these or similar concerns or experiences, you may need, or may benefit from training in Critical Communication.
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Introduction to Patient Safety: Educational Programs

For community members of all ages and medical professionals 30 minutes or longer.

Introduction to Disclosure

For healthcare professionals and medical /law students 2.5 hours.

Poster Presentation

Students design posters about patient safety or local businesses adopt a hallway.

Public Service Announcements

Television, radio and print.

Teen Patient Safety

Fun and interactive introduction to patient safety for teens.
Includes prizes and give-a-ways - 30 minutes.

What to Expect When You Visit Your Doctor

For women and young girls. Includes panel discussion.

Post Traumatic Stress Following a Medical Injury

For Mental Health Professionals.

Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training Program

Bring a friend with you to the doctor; what is the advocates’ role in patient safety?

Patient Safety Awareness Week

Prepare events and programs related to Patient Safety Awareness Week.


Develop appropriate handouts for your programs or use our handouts with your logo.

Home visits and hospital visits to help families with advocacy

Someone comes help with preparing for the hospital or bedside advocacy.

Develop patient and family committees

Assist in preparing community members to be part of patient safety committees.

Many more services developed for individual needs! Additional services can be found through